Online Slots

Slot machines have a respectable history that goes back some 125 years. The twentieth century saw the rise of a new way of having fun in casinos. Just like progress in mathematics and mechanics gave rise to the roulette centuries before, the modern industrial age made room for an automatic, mechanical game device. Aside from casinos, the “one-armed bandit” was seen in pubs, restaurants, and other places.

With the developments in video and electronics technologies, the late twentieth century brought the video slots. Today, we can find thousands of different online slots games on the internet – sometimes in a single casino platform. Slot machines are the type of casino game most sought at online platforms. Learn more about it.

How To Play

The basic rules are straightforward. The player makes his bets, spins the machine (which traditionally has the lever on the side of the physical machine), and the reels will randomly land a combination of symbols. If the combination gets you a reward, you will win a prize.

Traditional slots had three vertical reels and a single payline, and you had to get the same symbols in the payline to win. Modern slots could have ten, twenty, or even fifty paylines in a single game.

Bonuses And Jackpots

There was no such thing as bonuses in classic, mechanical slots. The player inserted a coin and would play the corresponding amount. In online slots, the welcome bonus of the casino is just one of the several “extras” you could find. Some winning combinations, while not resulting in a prize of real money, could give you free spins to try your luck again. It is also easy to find progressive jackpot machines, where you may have the luck of winning the big jackpot for which thousands of players across the world are contributing.

Strategies To Win

Slots are a game of luck. The real strategy is to choose a respectable and reliable online casino platform and check for the games with the best RTP (Return to Player), to increase your odds of winning.